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Tatyana Sherman

Here comes the long-awaited “Music of The Future”—yes it’s Electronica—and it’s been making its endless entrance on the scene for at least 25 years now. Kiev, Ukraine artist Tatyana Sherman has composed and performed songs in the Electronica/Classical sound that bring the style a few more steps over the threshold and overall, it’s a welcome arrival. Her focus is on danceable grooves and—in a surprising development—some actual song structure, even without the vocalization. There’s also no ambient-house-experimental-techno, tech-house rambling in this talented keyboardist’s featured songs, at least.
Tatyana Sherman states that she “was born and heard sounds of nature and the environment of great classics that inspired me to write music of the soul,” and invites the listener to “Listen to the music and think about life and [the] love of music.” It’s a joy to recognize and hear those motivations in her songs, and it’s evident that she is sincere about what inspires her. Titles of some of her tracks include “In the Rhythm of the Life”, “Drive & Energy”, “Inspiration”, and “Fire of Passion”, and each of these will give one ample opportunity to contemplate their lives and their loves; or heal and meditate; and ultimately be energized to transcend the events of the day.
The song “Drive&Energy” is a fine arrangement of electronic instruments that presents a dramatic theme of rocketing synthesizers and sequencers, punctuated by rapid-fire programmed drum flares. And on “Fire of Passion” the theme gets darkly sensual, and the instrumentation a bit more lush. This is after all synthesizer based programming, and it all leans to the lush. But the standouts for this reviewer are the more structured sounds produced by Tatyana when mimicking traditional acoustic instrumentation. The tracks “Dance of Angels” and especially “My Life” capture pure Classical themes with acoustic piano melodies up front and center that are—simply put—beautiful and sweet.
Listening to Tatyana Sherman’s songs put me in mind of so many instrumental references, including everything from pioneering trip-hop master’s Massive Attack’s fusion of drama/dance-based songs, to elevator lift-bound champion Mantovani’s lush orchestration on million-selling record after million-selling record. She is a very talented composer and performer, and given her passion and desire to make music, it would come as no surprise to find her still making her mark for years to come. “The Music of The Future” is now, and it’s nice to know that it will include the talented Tatyana Sherman.
Gary Orange

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