Destination Mars are a multi genre band spanning RnB, Pop, Electronic, Soul, Rap + Hip Hop. They write and record all of their own material and prides themselves on being different and not simply following trends and they maintain this mentality as they continue to go on to bigger and better things.

Destination Mars consists of Rosie Hunt (singer song-writer), Jonjo (Rapper and song-writer)

What inspires us?

Life is the main influence and inspiration we draw from real emotions and perceptions from our day to day and incorporate it into our art, also the fans, every good comment we receive makes what we do so worthwhile, and for that we’re so grateful. One nice comment about our performance inspires us to want to create another song and reach an even larger audience; it’s like a legal high. Another major influence for us is the support of our families, who believe we can do well. This support makes us want to make them proud of our success and is the driving force of Destination Mars.

Our style of music

Our style of music varies project to project, but we are predominantly a hip hop group with the addition of a singer. On one song the style could be emotional and from the heart, expressing true feelings and the next could be a club-worthy speaker-banging head trip! We like to explore different styles of subject matter because we believe being versatile is important. Also emotion is an ever-changing thing, so we like to express this through our music.

How did we begin?

Well Destination Mars was the brain child of me, Jonjo, It started in the
early days 'bout 4 years back, I then met Rosie in college, in science class and, ironically, both had chemistry. We got to know one another and a relationship followed. After going out with each other I later found out Rosie’s secret, she could sing amazingly. So both having a love for music, and after much convincing, Rosie agreed to record a track with me. We laid it down, and the combination worked brilliantly, our vocals just worked well. From this point on D.M started to really evolve with brand new tracks being produced every day d.m really started to get noticed by a lot of well known people such as Brian Harvey from East 17 he had heard our music and then contacted us about making a beat for them to write to. Which they did creating the song called “Never Coming Back”.

Previous gigs

Gorleston’s got talent Sunday 18th April 2010
Variety of life concert-pavillion theatre
Saturday 28th august 2010–sommerleyton festival
Wednesday 27th October 2010 ceasers bar charity gig
Saturday December 11th 2010 Grazy’s speak easy
Club Uniquity

Sunday march 20th 2011 Karma Nightclub
Thursday 14th April 2011–Get Funked up student party –Gorleston social club
Sunday April 24th 2011 “desire” Mission Nightclub
Friday July 15th –Destination Mars perform live at The Cliff Hotel from 8.30-12pm
July 29th-Destination Mars will be performing at O’GRADYS in great Yarmouth
7th August –Destination Mars perform live at Pleasure Wood Hills for Macmillian cancer