Jaega Wise


Jaega Wise is soul/rnb singer-songwriter from Nottingham. Now
based in North London Jaega has been providing guest vocals for,
and has written for a variety of musical genres, ranging from
Dubstep and Hip-hop to Pop and Soul. Drawing on her varied
musical influences, Jaega has evolved as a singer, writer and artist,
which is evident in her soulful live performances, and in her
emotional lyrics.
Singing has always been part of Jaegaís life. From an early age her promise shone, which started
with several performances in school talent shows and lead to her regularly gigging the local bars of
Loughborough and Nottingham.
Jaega moved down to London in order to persue her career as both an artist and writer, and has
become a regular around Londonís open mic scene since her arrival. Jaega continues the journey
and is currently working on her first EP which she promises will be intriguing, rich and soulful and
certainly will not disappoint.

Jaegaís music can be found at: