Hi! My name is Paul Robert Thomas (a.k.a. Paul Thomas a.k.a. 'Paul Lyricist') & I
am a song lyricist (try saying that after a few beers:)! I was born & grew up in
North London with Camden Town, Swiss Cottage, Primrose Hill & Regents Park as
my playgrounds. I have some Welsh blood in me too as my mother & grand
mother were from Wales.
I am always writing song lyrics and I will consider working with any artist, singer
or band - established or not, wishing to add music to my lyrics & turn them into
songs. I really don't care if you are famous or not, as long as you can make music
& think you can make a good song from my lyrics. I believe that the act of
creation, in this instance - creating songs, is a gift from God!
My musical & lyrical roots are drawn from English Folk, American Folk & Blues,
Christian/Gospel with influences from English nursery rhymes and church hymns.
I have worked with/for/met many famous people from The Queen to Presidents
and I'm really not easily impressed by titles - what matters most is who you are,
not what you are or what title you hide behind.
I will consider working with any artist as long as they are honest, polite and
considerate and can make good music (no matter what type of music) - these are
the main traits I look for in a song collaboration and I work with artists from all
over the globe irrespective of race, gender or religious views.
I will only work with people who have manners and are looking to share
50/50 - I detest and have no time for those too many in the 'music
world' who are looking to make a 'fast buck' on the back of someone

Music Sites

My main music site is at where you can see examples
of my song collaborations as well as details of when I met Andy Warhol, read the
letter the grandson of the late great Robert Johnson sent me regarding one of my
songs, read my extensive Dylan articles, listen to my UK radio interview, read my
latest music magazine interview and much more too!
I can also be found at and on ReverBnation
at where we are currently
Number One in the Local Blues Charts and Number 13 Nationally.
At I am Number 3 both the National and the
Local Folk Charts.
Official Releases
Our 4-song EP called 'A Pocket Full of Songs' (LHP Records and publishing, UK)
can be downloaded iTunes
'Wildcat Cafe' (ACM Publishing, NY) by 'Beige Fish' with 3 songs with lyrics by
me - 'Falling Twins', 'Crashing Head First' and 'You Hurt My Baby' now available
to download at i tunes at - the physical album
available soon from CD Baby.
‘Songs of Love and Loss’ (Bear Song Publishing, Germany) with 6 songs with
lyrics by me is available at
‘The Lyricist’ is a whole alum with all songs with my lyrics is available at
New albums about to be released both containing all lyrics by me is the jazz/blues
album ‘Cole Porter’s Blues’ with the Berlin musician Michel Ackerman and an
album of original female ballads called ‘A Million Love Songs’ with the music by
Ofer Hamerman and vocals by Orly Vardy.

Other Sites

I am on Facebook at and I
Twitter occasionally at
You are welcome to contact me via my e-mail at

Thank you and wishing you all the best from Paul.