Bio for Gary at Butterfly Music

Bios are always a bugger!

The songs on the music page are my biography, or at least my musical
As I say on the home page I have no PR team it's just me. I can't do and
in fact refuse to do the bullshit 3rd person wafflings of a ghost publicist
which would be me.
I'm a songwriter enjoying the new music industry working hard to get
my just dues from my music.
Now based in London although I spend a lot of time in France, originally
from York and somehow via Holland, Africa and France found myself
planning to spend a year or so in London. That was in 1998 and I'm still
here, sound familiar? Became a father much later than expected and
loving it. Somehow I manage to be a provider and maintain the creative
passion that won't pass. My children are half Brit half French and I'm
happy to immerse them in two cultures both languages and of course
I played in bands when I was younger and came pretty close to "making
it" That just seemed to crumble, still don't know why to this day but hey
today is now and I'm loving making music again with full control. I make
mistakes on the business side of things as I try to keep up with
everything. I'd love help with this but they'd have to be trustworthy and
have the songs and their soles at heart.
Just released my second album and I've learnt so much since my first
Album "Celebrate." The last EP "The Stone That Brought The Girl" was
intended to be the second album but time, work and family (always
seem to have a baby on the way when ready to release a record) put
some pressure on me to release lesser amounts of content. I was happy
with the results that I recorded at home. I then self financed "Birth,
Death And In Between" I've done everything in short steps as opposed
to impossible giant leaps, maybe madness but I put it down to life.
A fanbase is growing and I'm being heard, the new release is much more
satisfying than my first album. It's all about the music. More time would
be success to me not millions, fame and debauched parties (maybe a
little bit though) but life is good and my two children are my inspiration.
Friends and fans make it all worthwhile and of course a new song is the
gift, the mysterious powerful creation. I mean when a song is close to
completion and I can say "that did not exist five minutes ago" or in my
case 3 and a half minutes ago. That is wonderful and I do this because I
can and I'll continue to do so. So en bref that's me Al Goodwin. "To Be