"Mariusz Marek ‘Marios’ Gozdek was born in Poland on April 12, 1986 in a town called Czestochowa, which is situated in Silesia in Poland. In 2004 he moved with his family to England.
At the moment Mariusz is working for a Benjamin Foundation in Thetford, where he is teaching youngsters how to compose music and to become successful in the music industry.

Mariusz ‘Marios’ Gozdek is a singer, performer and a songwriter from Thetford.
He has studied POP music at the Colchester Institute, from which he graduated with great results.
At the moment Marios is working on his own solo single. He has been working with Antoinette Kopperfield on his new song "Love to be Different". It’s a composition of POP/R'n'B and Acoustic music. Last year Mariusz applied for the "Search for a star" with Master Card and out of 3000 people he successfully managed to get through to the final 50 live show and had the chance to perform at the Brent Cross Shopping Centre.

Youtube- (in polish but contain all my music)-