Sweden artist Maini releases her new electronic dance single in the UK “Let Me Do Your Time”– a pure slice of holiday Euro Pop guaranteed to haunt your mind and make your body dance!

If ever a track summed up Euro pop at it’s best this is it and is the perfect antidote to the cold and dark winter evenings – it’s just what we all need at this time of year, why wait until the summer when we can have it in the shape of Maini and “Let Me Do Your Time” now?!

The track is supported with a must see video and viewable on You Tube here

With Maini on vocals, the track was mixed by Jim Eld of Marley Produktion, Sweden and arranged by Swedish techno master Piyasiri.

Piyasiri is a songwriter and music producer who has been producing pumping vocal dance techno for many years and his music is played by DJ’s and radio stations all over the world. He works with a variety of genres including pop, rock and dance music. Several years back he started the company “Piyasiri Music” which writes songs, produces remixes and he also does productions for a number of different songwriters and artists.
One of these is Maini…..

Gary Cornman from Pennsylvania wrote the lyrics to the track. He contacted Maini after hearing her on the radio and asked if she would compose music to his poem. The result is “Let Me Do Your Time” and this was the first time Maini had wrote music to English lyrics – this became the first of 16 of Garys poems that she has composed music for.

“Sorri’s inner beauty shines through….this Scandinavian singer-songwriter sure delivers sophisticated pop. 4/5”
All Gigs
“It takes sincerity…a deal of musical sensibility…and a belief in the ultimate message….Maini seems to have these ability’s in spades….a pure crystalline voice….she knows exactly what she’s doing and the sound she wants to achieve, and the result is a modest little box of jewels”
Piers Ford

2010 saw Maini release her first EP in the UK which received support and airplay on numerous UK radio stations including a number of BBC regional shows – thus bringing her beautiful voice and music to British audiences for the first time.
Already globally known and supported in Canada, the USA and Europe, Maini entered the top 20 music charts of Music World Radio, as voted for by their listeners, with her first UK single release and she went on to reach number 1 and stayed there for over a month.

Maini writes music and lyrics under a strong inspiring spirit. This is transcribed into her songs as they come across as honest and genuine and listening to her music reveals that Maini definitely has her own style.

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