Stephen Carmichael Biography
You may have heard of Stephen Carmichael from one of his amazing live performances. You may be one of the thousands of
viewers of his music on 'youtube'. You may have seen him on the front cover of 'MX' newspaper or on various internet sites that he
features who is he?
Stephen Carmichael is a 19 year old Australian song writer and musician who hails from Brisbane. He has an insatiable thirst for
music and is rapidly making quite a name for himself in the world of music.
Stephen draws his influences from growing up listening to Michael Jackson, Daft Punk and David Bowie...and more recently bands
such as The Presets, Empire of the Sun, MGMT and The Killers.
Recently he has collaborated with producers such as Gavin Edom, DJ Christove and Daniel Taylor along with such artists as Jay
Echeverra who worked with Stephen on his new song 'My Heart'.
In June 2010, Stephen was featured on the front cover of the 'MX' newspaper and is currently in the process of writing his eagerly
anticipated first album which is due to be released in 2011. He is currently a featured artist on 'IM' and his song 'Violet
Energy' reached number 4 in the 'Triple J Unearthed' dance track charts in May 2010.
His first EP 'Violet Energy' was released in February 2009 and in the same year Stephen embarked on his career as a solo musician.
"His unique voice, along with his musical talent is phenomenal..." Alberta.G - CD Baby
"Only one word for it...BRILLIANT..." Renae - CD Baby
"Move over MGMT !! " Fighter10 - Triple J Unearthed
"Stephen is totally original musician whose music sets its own benchmark that resets the standard up a notch with each and every
new song. His covers are highly original and innovative...and his own music is sublimely captivating..." Pete Ray - Triple J
...the tributes pour in almost daily and his list of over 1000 'you tube' friends and subscribers plus over 7000 My Space friends is
always on the increase.
Listen for yourself, subscribe to his website and fan base, tell your friends... But above all, strap yourself tightly into your seat for
'The Stephen Carmichael Experience'... which guarantees you a most enjoyable journey through the world of his unique music.
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