Raquel Rodriguez aka Iris Dee Jay started producing Music in 1999 when she got in her hands her first computer. After staying a while checking the old trackers, she got involved with Computer based sequencing. Iris's first Music productions was making eurodance music, singing her own tracks and trying her best to self educate and learn new Music Production Skills.
In 2006 she met one of the members of the trance duo JJ Project (producers of Abel Ramos and remixers of Ron Van Den Beuken, DJ Katana, etc). One of JJ Project's hits was called Iris (dedicated to Iris Dee Jay) and released on vinyl in King Records Madrid (house of the famous Spanish producers Dimas and Martinez or Simon & Shaker).

Iris Dee Jay and her new partner produced together under the aliase of D-Air (Dareen waves And IRis), releasing the ep Abrente in Deepblue Records UK (Solarstone's record label) and remixing the track White Crystal made by the Russian producer Alexey Selin.

One year later Iris started her solo carer as a dj and producer performing in several events & raves and catching listeners everywhere because of her particlar trance style in the mix (a mixture between trance , electro and house).

Some great achievments to date is appearing on Spanish television, being the cover of newspapers and making collaborations with female and male singers from all around the world aside from classical musicians (trumpet players,guitarists).

At the moment Iris Dee Jay is releasing on Bonzai and is also on their new Dj Agency. Aiming at other labels including new Northern Irish label Stampgevaar and continuing to get top positions in many download charts, 2009 is set to be the Spanish dj/producers biggest year to date with a new polished sound, growing interest from bigger labels, dj agencys, a new collaboration alias and the launch of her international bookings coming soon!

This exciting producer and versitile dj is flying the flag for trance and techtrance in her homelands and is now considered to be SPAINS NUMBER 1 FEMALE DJ/PRODUCER IN THE TRANCE & TECHTRANCE GENRE!

IRIS DEE JAY SAMPLE TRACK : BIRGIT 365 DAYS Click here to download this file