First of and fresh, RMS-TraX has closed his artist roster with MR

SNOWMAN and KAYBG&ABSTRACT!!!!!my own work( lanes of remorse album)

has been sold to anarghy in funk and wil be released somewhere end of

july 1995- first keyboard producing acid house 1996- expanded with a

roland mc303 1997- first gigs at squad raves 2000- the band A-hive

became a fact Joris de rooij(lozt dogg) and Bastian Brinkcate played

til 2004 in the dutch underground scene, joris took care of scratching

with dubs Bastian took care of the beats triggered through

drumcomputers. 2004- A-hive splitted up against there wil, Bastian

continued his work solo and linkted up with a old friend Ronald

Geerdink who workted in a studio near Bastian called studio metro in

Hengelo. 2005- Bastian's artist name became "the electric funk

orchestra" and his first demo cd called "shotcut" became a fact with

the help of his friend ronald. 2006- a canadian based label fizx

recordings, discovered EFO's music and ofered him a contract. 2007-

the demo cd gets released through fizx-recordings as a mp3 on various

internet sites. also in that periode Bastian got hit up by cool music

revolution magazine who showed great interest in his productions and

wanted to plug Bastian in his various radio shows. Bastian got askted

to do a radio tour for cool music revolution magazine's radio shows.

After getting that offer he hookted up after years with his old friend

Joris, it was like they never left each other and live it blended

straight away. Now they were ready and went to england to do these

radio shows it turned out succesfuly. the name EFO which is short

for "the electric funk orchestra" gained popularity. So Fizx

recordings askted them to do a Ontario tour in canada for a week

long. which they did in september 2007. "it was a honour and a

privelege to be part of the Canadian underground scene, a dream came

treu". soon a other digital label askted Bastian if he was

interested, butterflymusic. 2008- three 2 track singles were offered

to fizx and released, various dutch radio stations and "club the zoo"

contacted Bastian for interviews reviews and bookings, there 1st

night in club the zoo turned out to be a succes and Bastian got

askted 2 organise more nights for this club, as in pre shows and

aftershows with bastian and Joris headlining. a english friend (dj #

Insom) from Bastian decided to move to the Netherlands and the

formation EFO expanded with him, There first live performance al

together was at a outdoorfestival called "hobnob" in the netherlands,

which turned out great! C.M.R. magazine was stil playing out EFO's

tunes and they got noticed. from 2007 til 2008- bastian released a

total of one album 7 two track singles and one 3 track single on fizx recordings