New BBC Reviews (From Surface Unsigned Bands Festival)

Round One:
"The Fores sound is guitar driven rock n roll, with elements of blues and classic rock. Excellent guitar ideas, from complex, interesting bass lines to progressive, winding guitar solos they created satisfying tracks, and played with skill and precision. Solid percussion from Shaun and a strong rock n roll voice from Guy completed some well-written and well-structured songs. Clearly having impressed the other bands, they went through to the second round on the musicians vote."

Semi Finals:
"Creating a classic rock n roll sound with an energetic, contemporary edge, The Fores have a great sound and the musical ability to pull it off well. As a band they excel on the quality of their material; well-written tracks with strong lyrics, a fantastic vocal and some outstanding guitar work. A good range within their rock n roll sound they are clearly a band with some good ideas, and it’s this creativity that distinguished them as something special. Hopefully they can maintain their high standard at the Barfly"

Regional Finals
"A first-rate rock n roll sound and a strong, tight performance saw The Fores hold their own against some stiff competition. Excellent guitar work, especially from Lead Tom, they create a fresh, interesting sound distinguished by some great riffs, some outstanding drumming from Shaun and a strong vocal from Guy. A great mixture of confidence and energy onstage, they went down really well with the Friday night crowd and despite not progressing showed they are a band with great potential."

The band started when bass player and lead singer Guy Snowdon asked Liam Hopkins (Rhythm Guitar) if he wanted to join a band. Liam accepted and recommended that Tom Iliffe (Lead guitarist) be asked too. Having previously enjoyed some songwriting sessions with Liam Tom also accepted and brought with him drummer and close friend Shaun Lee and after weeks of searching for a singer Guy stepped up and took the duties.

We then set out to play wherever would have us, whenever we could and played our first gig on the side of a lorry/truck in 2005. We then recorded some original songs and secured a second gig at The Cavern in Liverpool (made famous by The Beatles).

We write and play all of our own music, except the odd cover song at live gigs and have recorded 2 batches of songs with plans of regular recording sessions through-out the year, we are always trying to expand our back catalogue, so keep on listening for updates! Since we formed we have played many gigs including Barfly, The Cavern twice (In Liverpool), Bar Academy and many more! We also got into the Regional Finals of the “Surface Unsigned Festival” after being chosen out of thousands of bands and picked up some great reviews from the BBC and had a fantastic time! Also in October 2008 we had one of our songs played at ANFIELD Liverpool Football Stadium at half time to crowds of 45.000

We are all down to earth fun loving people who love our music! We have recently added our new drummer Carl Brooker (LEGEND!!!) when our first drummer Shaun made a move to live in London. Since we have formed The Fores have had many highlights and have future ambitions to keep writing/playing our music and have a good time along the way.. ROCK N ROLL FOREVER!!!