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The MoonShades originally started within a band called RANDOM!
John Rees (Lead Singer), Jason Hodges (Drummer), Nick Bevan (Guitarist) and David Hepburn (Bassist) Created a funk style band in 2006.
After doing a few performances in their local Town of Banbury, David Hepburn thought his time had come to leave the band and join the Army like he always wanted to.
Before dave left for the Army he decided to teach Clive Boyland, a friend of the band, how to play Bass Guitar and take over his position in RANDOM!
It was now 2008, the new line up for RANDOM! was John Rees (Lead Singer & Rhythm Guitarist), Jason Hodges (Drummer), Nick Bevan (Lead Guitarist) and Clive Boyland (Bassist). They decided a new Bassist called for a revamp of the band, so changing the style of music to a softer more alternative rock, they called themselves The MoonShades.

The MoonShades originated from wearing sunshades at night due to hiding dilated eyes and calling them moonshades. The name was catchy and also abreviated to TMS.

After practicing and getting their new style together it was time to do some performances along with their new songs. All was well until a gig did not go as planned in a local pub, this caused conflict within the band and then they decided to go their own way.
Two months down the line, a man who ran a local Youth Centre where The MoonShades rehearsed, called for a favour.
He wanted TMS to regroup for one final performance at the youth centre before it was closing after 45 years. The MoonShades had the privilege of headlining the final Youth Centre show.
The show went well and crowd response was more than expected, so they decided they had the potential to be big and make it as a band.
Unfortunately, Nick Bevan had enrolled to Oxford college to study music, therefore he could not rejoin the band.
It was now 2010, The MoonShades regrouped as a three piece. John Rees (Lead Singer & Guitarist), Clive Boyland (Bassist) and Jason Hodges (Drummer). TMS are now the band who are recording with Gary Bellamy at Butterfly Music and soon to be gigging after a new set has been made.

UPDATE: After a performance at the Mill Arts Centre in Banbury, 10th December.2010, Jason Hodges decided to leave the band to concentrate on other things in his life. We are still on talking terms, but we will never accept him back.
6 months after losing the drummer, Clive Boyland and John Rees invited Anthony Hemsworth in to the band as the long-awaited drummer.
They are currently working with Anthony in the studio, and intend to release a 14 track album of new material in the coming year. A lead single, 'Don't Go Coming Back', will be released before the album's finished.
Gary Bellamy of Butterfly Music will be producing our first album. Private gigs have been arranged, but nothing public as of today.

John Rees, born 11th December 1989, was brought up in Cherwell Heights, Banbury. The only music he used to listen to were soundtracks and wasn't really enthusiastic about learning an instrument.
Eventually, John became interested in The Red Hot Chili Peppers and other bands and became the lead singer of RANDOM! (band formed by four friends from school)
While he was the front man, he was teaching himself guitar, writing his own songs, listening to a different style of music and became inspired by The Beatles and John Lennon.
The revamp of the band made John the rhythm guitarist aswell as lead singer, and putting the new songs he wrote into a set.

Clive Boyland, born 22nd August 1988, grew up in Banbury.
Clive was a quiet person who kept himself to himself until he met RANDOM!
When David's position in the army was confirmed, he taught Clive all he knew about playing the bass guitar, and Clive replaced him.
Clive continues to play bass for TMS and also is working on his songwriting skills for the new album.

Anthony Hemsworth, born 10th November 1994 in Leamington.
Anthony is very passionate about music and sport, and he began drumming when he quite young. He is currently rehearsing for upcoming gigs and our first album's recording sessions. TMS are back at the three!